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Quotations on:
Faith and Devotion

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The Buddha

Opened are the gates of immortality, you that have ears to hear, release your faith.

Do not accept any of my words on faith,
Believing them just because I said them.
Be like an analyst buying gold, who cuts, burns,
And critically examines his product for authenticity.
Only accept what passes the test
By proving useful and beneficial in your life.


Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Devotion is the essence of the path, and if we have in mind nothing but the guru and feel nothing but fervent devotion, whatever occurs is perceived as his blessing. If we simply practice with this constantly present devotion, this is prayer itself.
When all thoughts are imbued with devotion to the guru, there is a natural confidence that this will take care of whatever may happen. All forms are the guru, all sounds are prayer, and all gross and subtle thoughts arise as devotion. Everything is spontaneously liberated in the absolute nature, like knots untied in the sky.

There are different levels of faith. First, clear faith refers to the joy and clarity and change in our perceptions that we experience when we hear about the qualities of the Three Jewels and the lives of the Buddha and the great teachers. Longing faith is experienced when we think about the latter and are filled with a great desire to know more about their qualities and to acquire these ourselves. Confident faith comes through practicing the Dharma, when we acquire complete confidence in the truth of the teachings and the enlightenment of the Buddha. Finally, when faith has become so much a part of ourselves that even if our lives were at risk we could never give it up, it has become irreversible faith.
The Excellent Path to Enlightenment

If you have devotion, the Buddha is right in front of you.
Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Faith dispels doubt and hesitation, it liberates you from suffering and delivers you to the city of peace and happiness.

A practitioner needs faith, or trust.... Guru Rinpoche said that we should meditate in the same way that a sparrow enters a nest. A sparrow spends some time investigating whether or not it is safe to enter. Once his examination is over, he then enters unhesitatingly. That's a wonderful metaphor for practice. First clear up all your doubts about your technique, then throw yourself into the technique with no separation or self-consciousness. Of course, it's easy to say, but that is the direction toward which we should be moving.
Bruce Newman, A Beginner's Guide to Tibetan Buddhism

I am never far from those with faith, or even from those without it, though they do not see me.
My children will always, always, be protected by my compassion.

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Last updated: December 11, 2016